Hauman NG


B.A. Honours (University of Hong Kong), Ph.D. (University of Hong Kong)



Dr. Hauman Ng graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a B.A. in English Studies, and received her Ph.D. from the same university. She served as a teaching assistant in the School of English of the University of Hong Kong (2004 – 2008). During this period, she organized undergraduate English Studies courses, designed workshops and counseled students, and also assisted in literary events and activities such as book launches, literary festivals and speeches.

She teaches literature, philosophy, art, cultural studies and other Arts and Humanities subjects in the Department of English, Chu Hai College of Higher Education. As a liberal scholar, Dr. Ng aims to arouse students’ interest in literature, culture and politics, and promote self-reflective and cross-cultural understandings. Her conference papers and publications include her Ph.D. Thesis “The Non-humanist Humanist”: Edward W. Said and His Critical Practice; paper discussed with Professor Douglas Kerr entitled: “Edward Said: Opponent of Postcolonial Theory” by Robert Young, Julius Silver Professor of English & Comparative Literature, New York University at the Seminar Series, School of English, the University of Hong Kong; paper presented entitled: “Edward Said’s Humanism and Philological Criticism” at the 1st Faculty of Communication Postgraduate Research Symposium, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University; paper presented entitled: “Modernist self-reflexivity in Joseph Conrad and Edward Said” at the 7th MSA Annual Conference: Modernism/Modernity, Chicago.

Hauman is currently the producer and scriptwriter of 《東翻西譯》(Culture Tongue), a one-minute programme series on cultural translation. 



Current Position held:

Acting Head, Department of English, Hong Kong Chu Hai College

Head, General Education and Language Enhancement Unit