Message from Our Graduates

Summer internship at South China Morning Post








I interned with South China Morning Post during the summer of my senior year in college. By then, I had completed my four years as an undergraduate at Chu Hai College on the BAPEC, so I could focus completely on my internship and learn more thoroughly from the experience.

Interning at SCMP was one of my best experiences ever. Not only did I learn a lot about the ins and outs of journalism, I figured what it really meant to work under a team of professionals in that field. From attending workshops and seminars by veteran journalists and editors to interviewing people for stories that we pitched ourselves, there was always something happening around us. There never seemed to be a dull moment.

Perhaps what made it such an incredible experience was the independence we got while working there. This one wasn’t the kind of internship where we made coffee and learned by observation, but the type that encouraged us to be active and learn by participation. We attended meetings and pitched story ideas, found potential interviewees and contacted them, conducted interviews, wrote and sub-edited our stories before submitting them to editors. Since I was with the Culture Desk and wrote features, I also had the liberty to take more time with my stories as they were longer news stories with more details and content.

I would always be grateful to my lecturers at Chu Hai College as they helped me attain this one-of-a-kind opportunity to write for SCMP. Without their help and references, it would have been difficult to gain this invaluable experience.


Sadia Lima

Graduate, Class of 2016





A knowledge-enriching and life-changing experience







Studying the BAEPC programme at Chu Hai College of Higher Education, for me, is a knowledge-enriching and life-changing experience, a milestone in my life. Throughout the four-year university experience, I witnessed the growth of not only the department, but also my intellectual self. “Though small, perfectly formed”: I could get the best of out of the former campus. Studying at Chu Hai, I particularly seized every opportunity to learn. The pragmatic nature of the courses enabled me to learn outside the classroom.

The department is replete with friendliness of people, as well as the rapport between teachers and students. All of my professors were willing to answer my questions whenever I faced difficulties, which I enjoyed and appreciated the most. My professors are my life coaches, instructing me how to embrace all adversity and prepare for my career life. With their unfailing and unswerving support, I managed to acquire a multitude of practical communication and life skills. I am now happily employed in the educational sector.

Many thanks to Chu Hai, the BAEPC programme and all of my dearest professors! The English Department is where I truly became mature. Nowhere else can I find such a memorable place in the world!


Joshua Wong Tang Fung

Graduate, Class of 2017




My Internship Experience

The English Department has tried its best to provide different kinds of internship opportunities in the fields of publication, translation and many others. The internship programme has made our summer holiday fruitful and definitely helped us choose our career paths. For me, I had worked for two internship jobs during my study in the BAEPC programme.

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Department for offering me an internship job at the New People’s Party. I was fortunate enough to work as an assistant during the summer holiday in Year 2. This position taught me what it was like to work for a political party and solve social problems smoothly. The courses I studied provided me adequate knowledge for handling political issues during my internship.

In 2016, I interned as a customer service officer at the Efficiency Unit, one of the government departments. This position demanded a high level of communication skills, customer service and interpersonal skills. I was thankful because the English programme has effectively trained students’ language skills. For example, we had language courses on speaking and presentational skills.

The internship experiences provided students an opportunity to further develop their interests and passion initiated by the two specialisation streams of the programme. Moreover, the English Programme sharpens our knowledge and communication skills to work for a better future.

 – Snowble Ng Yui Ling

Graduate, Class of 2017