Programme Structure

BA (Hons) in English Studies                                                     

Programme Structure  Course title Credit value  
College Required ENG181 & ENG182 Freshman English 6 12
  University Chinese 3
  Computer Literacy 3
General Education 4 courses (3 courses + seminars) 12 12
Core Courses ENG148 Introduction to Communication 3 54
ENG171 Introduction to Literature I 3
  ENG172 Introduction to Literature II 3
  ENG173 Introduction to Linguistics I 3
  ENG174 Introduction to Linguistics II 3
  ENG170 Functional Grammar 3
  ENG297 Cross-disciplinary and Intercultural Communication 3
  ENG291 Business English I 3
  ENG292 Business English II 3
  ENG293 Technical English I 3
ENG295 Media English I 3
  ENG296 Media English II 3
  ENG300 Research Methodology 3
  ENG468 Final Year Project 6
  ENG382 Marketing Communications 3
  ENG298 Introduction to Translation: Concepts and Practice 3
  The Acquisition of English (NEW) 3

*Courses marked ‘NEW’ are new English-language courses.

Programme Electives

(Min 10 courses)

Course Title Credit value  


ENG251 Cultural Theory and Criticism 3
ENG352 Shakespeare 3
Major Themes in Poetry (NEW) 3
Novel Since 18th Century (NEW) 3
Modern/Contemporary Drama (NEW) 3
Film and Literature (NEW) 3
ENG144 Phonetics and Phonology 3
ENG278 World Englishes 3
ENG285 Discourse Analysis 3
ENG289 Conversation Analysis: Face Work, Politeness and Rapport Management 3
ENG368 Sociolinguistics 3
ENG390A Theory and Practice of Translation (re-activated) 3
ENG393 Business and Technical Translation (re-activated) 3
Literary Translation (English/Chinese) (NEW) 3


Free Electives (3 Credits @Course)
Free Electives* 5 courses 15 15
Credits for Graduation 123 123


Not all the courses are to be offered at the same time. They are offered subject to student progress and staff availability.

*Students are allowed to take courses from the new ‘programme electives’ and ‘free electives’ categories of the revised programme offered by the English Department, or courses from other departments.