Since this is a profession-oriented programme, the Department will work closely with commerce and industry as well as other relevant sectors locally and in the Pearl River Delta Region to secure job placements for graduates. Other careers suitable for graduates would include such positions as the administrative grade in the civil service; officers in international banks; administrators and executives in consulates of major nations represented in Hong Kong; trainees in major publishers in Hong Kong or even overseas.








“My exchange to Potsdam University in Germany in Year 2 and internship in Year 3 have provided me with valuable experiences, professional and interpersonal skills. Before I graduated, I already found a job in an Estate Management company.”

 -Rainbow Lam Bo Bo

Graduate, Class of 2016



Summary of the Results of Graduate Employment Survey

The English Department conducted a brief graduate employment survey in September 2016 for the EPC graduates.
The Department collected the following data: present status (employed, unemployed and further studies), present job nature and position of the graduates. The results of the graduate employment survey are summarized as follows:


Categories 2016-17
Education 14%
Customer Service 23%
Communication 17%
Marketing 17%
Journalism 6%
Secretarial Service 6%
Further Studies 17%
Total 100%


A Degree in English gives you opportunities in a variety of work environments

  • Commercial Firms and Organisations
  • Advertising and Event Management Companies
  • Legal Firms
  • Publishing Houses
  • The Media Industry
  • Banks, Insurance Companies and Financial Organisations
  • Civil Service