Trista YEUNG


















B.A. Honours (Lingnan University), M.Phil. (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)


Ms. Trista Yeung graduated from Lingnan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Translation (First Class Honour). She received her Master of Philosophy in English Linguistics and Language Acquisition from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Before joining Chu Hai, Ms Yeung worked with many educational institutions to develop curricula for English language subject. Her academic interests include Cantonese sentence final particles, pragmatics, literary translation, theater translation and post-structuralism. Her M.Phil. dissertation was entitled “A relevance-theoretic approach to the English translation of the Cantonese sentence final particle laa”.


Ms Yeung is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Hong Kong. Her research project investigates the translated theater in Hong Kong. 


Courses taught: 

ENG181    Freshman English I

ENG182    Freshman English II

ENG298    Introduction to Translation: Concepts and Practice

ENG390A    Theory and Practice of Translation

ENG391    Theory and Practice of Interpreting I