James Walsh


B.A.(Oxford University, ‘90), M.A. (London School of Economics,’08)




Mr. Walsh graduated from The University of Oxford with a B.A. in Chemistry, and received his M.A. in the History of International Relations from the London School of Economics (LSE). He lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan between 1992 and 2011 where he became fluent in Japanese. His work experience is varied and includes business planning for a large Japanese manufacturer, market research and consulting, as well as Japanese to English translation. He has worked at Chu Hai College of Higher Education since September 2011. He has taught a wide range of courses including Freshman English, Global History, Western Civilisation, and Elementary Japanese. He has previously held the Chairmanship of Programme Committee and is currently coordinator of the Final Year Projects. His research interests are intercultural encounters in the early-modern and modern periods, with a particular focus on cultural exchange between Japan and the West. His Masters dissertation was entitled Refracted Images of a Distant World: A Comparison of European Accounts of Japan in the “Christian Century” (1549-1650).


Current Position held:

Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Chu Hai College of Higher Education