Head Message


Currently, the Department of English shoulders first and foremost the major responsibility of enabling and facilitating all students campus-wide to enhance their English language abilities for effective communication, for their studies and for embarking on a career on graduation. To this end we offer our students courses in English for Academic Purposes and English for Specific Purposes.

To further empower our students to truly master English and to become both articulate and fluent in speech and writing, intensive workshops are run and other enhancement activities are conducted from time to time.

Supported by experts externally and internally we have been redesigning the existing English Programme. In steps with the times and keeping abreast of the current state of the local job market, we feel that it is now time to launch a new English Programme with a tripartite object, namely, to foster students into lifelong learners, to provide an opportunity for their whole-person development and to prepare students for employment taking realistic account of the current job market.

I would also like to mention two other very positive and significant events that took place in the past two years. The first was the signing of a collaborative partnership agreement between our College and the University of Potsdam in Berlin, Germany; and the second was approval by the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government of our application for the Quality Enhancement Grant Scheme (QEGS) funding of HK$1.98 million to implement language enhancement initiatives for three academic years (2010/2011 through 2012/2013).

Last but not least, I wish to mention that the English Department has also been playing a vital role in promoting General Education and Language Enhancement College-wide, among other things by offering courses in a third language including French, German, Korean, Spanish and Japanese, in addition to Philosophy, Critical Thinking and other humanities and cultural courses for all students.

Best wishes from

Prof. Thomas YH Chan
Head of Department