Related Learning Facilities

Quality Enhancement Grant Scheme (QEGS)

The College applied for the Education Bureau‘s Quality Enhancement Grant Scheme (QEGS) funding in March 2010 and was granted in June 2010 a sum of HK$1.98 million for launching language enhancement initiatives on our campus for the next three academic years (2010/2011 through 2012/2013), collectively christened The Language Enhancement Project

This Project comprises the following three main components:

  • Launching a series of Putonghua courses to equip all our students with the requisite proficiency in Putonghua as stipulated by the Language Committee‘s Standard Putonghua Test (This will be implemented and conducted by our recently established Putonghua Training and Testing Centre.)

  • Launching a series of intensive English enhancement workshops for all students

  • Setting up and running a self-access language learning, practice and enhancement area in our Library to provide more self-learning opportunities and facilities for students to practise and improve their English and Chinese, and to acquire the knowledge of another foreign language.

In addition, this funding has also enabled the College to equip two of our computer labs with language lab functions for language teaching and learning, in particular for Putonghua mastery by students and staff. These facilities are naturally open to all staff and students for practice in other languages, including to date French, German, Korean, Japanese and Spanish.

Putonghua Courses

Since September 2010 a total of 19 Putonghua courses have been run for students and the number is growing to provide the opportunity to as many students as possible to master Putonghua.

Self-Access Learning

As a result of the College being granted a substantial QEGS funding to implement a number of enhancement initiatives in these three academic years (2010 through 2013), a Self-Access Learning Corner has been set up, operational since November 2010, with six powerful PC desktop computers serving as workstations for students to read E-books, listen to audio books and work on other media resources. In addition, three portable DVD-players are also made available for viewing movies and related media in separate viewing rooms on request.

The self-learning area has been set up on the concept of enabling students to learn at their own pace in disciplines and fields of general knowledge and general interest, including literature, history, philosophy, natural science, technology, the arts, the social sciences, and of course languages, including Putonghua, English, French, German, Korean, Japanese and Spanish.

CEPAS Workshops

In line with the EDB/UGC advocacy of a Common English Proficiency Assessment Scheme (CEPAS) numerous workshops have been run to help weaker students to brush up their English and to enable stronger students to really master English as soon as practicable. Student participation has been extremely enthusiastic, numbering in the hundreds in the last two terms and the participation rate is on the steady increase.

Seminars, Lectures and Presentations

The QEGS funding has also been supporting General Education lectures and seminars open to all students since 2010.