Collaborative Partnership


Since 2009 we have been collaborating with an overseas university in the following areas:

  • Student exchanges
  • Staff exchanges
  • Joint seminars and conferences
  • Joint research
  • Joint publications
Signing Collaborative Agreement with Potsdam University of Germany

The collaborative agreement was signed between the University of Potsdam in Germany and our College in September 2009, which officially marked the beginning of this partnership.

Visit by Potsdam University Team in October 2010

As a first initiative to truly launch this collaborative partnership, a team of 11 students from Potsdam University led by Prof. Hans-Georg Wolf visited our College on two separate days, respectively on 15 and 23 October 2010, on which they participated in seminars and discussions with staff and students from different academic departments, culminating in very lively exchanges and sharing of views and experience, not to mention savouring a sumptuous Chinese luncheon in a nearby restaurant hosted by the Vice President and other members of the Senior Management and staff of the English Department. The visiting team also joined the staff of the Department to go on an excursion to Tai O, the Venice of Hong Kong on Lantau Island to experience watching Chinese white dolphins.

Student and Staff Exchanges from Potsdam in Term 2 of 2010 – 2011

Two students from our “opposite number” (Department of English and American Studies) at Potsdam University joined the Department on exchange from January to July 2011. They were joined in February 2011 by an exchange staff from Potsdam who stayed until the end of March, team-teaching with some of the Department’s staff and giving special seminars to students and staff of the College. Both the exchange students and the exchange staff interacted a lot with our students and other exchange students and staff, to our mutual benefit and tremendously enriching the total educational experience all round.

Student and Staff Exchanges to Potsdam in Term 1 of 2011 – 2012

Two students from Chu Hai and an academic staff went on exchange to Potsdam University in September 2011 for a period of four and a half months. Both Chu Hai students took several English and American Studies courses in addition to a couple of journalistic subjects and taking an active part in numerous extra-curricular activities, thoroughly enjoying their study sojourn in Potsdam and Berlin. The staff contributed a lot to the teaching and learning on campus in Potsdam, lecturing on World Englishes and conducting seminars on Hong Kong English. For both institutions this exchange to Potsdam, like the one from Potsdam, resulted in mutual benefit, understanding and good will, not to mention cultural enrichment and academic sharing and discourse.

Joint Degree Programme

We are also planning to launch a joint master’s degree programme whereby students from Chu Hai will spend half of their study time in Potsdam and students from Potsdam will study for half of their time on our campus. This joint MA programme is planned to be launched soon.